Dolce and Gabbana Perfumes


There are hundreds of perfumes to pick from, whether it’s a musky sophisticated scent or a sweet and floral one, there is one for everyone. For me I find that I tend to lean to more of the musky floral scents. And when it comes to musky floral scents, Dolce and Gabbana perfumes are favourites for me. So I decided to dedicate a whole post to them! At first, I wasn’t going to write this post as I am no expert in the the slightest when it comes to describing scents and perfumes but I decided to go through the ones I have and try my best to explain them, as I really do like them and wanted to share them with you. Hopefully you kind of grasp what I am trying to describe and if not just enjoy flicking through the pictures. Enjoy!



Dolce and Gabbana “Dolce” – This was the perfume that got me hooked on Dolce and Gabbana. It is the one with the beautiful flower cap and elegant black bow. As you can see I have actually almost ran out of the smaller 30ml bottle and recently purchased the 50ml. This perfume has a base of warm earthy and musky notes. It then has water lily and and white daffodil at the heart and the scent of papaya leaves on top. This all blends together to create the gorgeous floral musky scent I love.

Dolce and Gabbana “Light Blue”- Although I pretty mix it up each day, this is the one I have been reaching for the most recently. This one is still a floral musky scent but has a lot more woodier (is that a word?) base to it. It then has bamboo, jasmine and rose at the heart and finally a subtle hint of sweet apple. It is a perfect scent for spring as it is much fresher than the others. Also the bottle is so sleek and pretty with the light blue lid. The one I have is the 100ml.

Dolce and Gabbana “The One”- This is definitely the most floral one out of all of them therefore I tend to wear this one more in summer time. The bottle is extremely classy and sophisticated with the gold lid and square bottle. I have the 100ml and also a travel size one I got in a set with 3 others which are perfect to keep in my handbag. This perfume has a base of rich amber and vanilla notes. It then has strong scents such as bergamot, mandarin, peach and Madonna lily over the top. If you prefer less musky scents then this one is for you.

I then have “desire the one”, “pour femme” and “intense” in the 5ml travel sizes along with “the one”. I got these in a set from boots and highly recommend getting it if you don’t want to buy the full size bottle of one of them yet as it lets you sample a few of them.

I hope this post helped or just gave you something fun to read!

Evie Alice x

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