Urban Outfitters Haul


So today I was doing a bit of shopping and I just couldn’t resist going into one of my favourite shops- Urban Outfitters. Now I’m not going to lie. I end up in there way to often and end up buying yet another plain t-shirt because it was too soft to pass up or a new vinyl record. But today I picked up a few different things from there and wanted to share them with you.

One line A Day- A Five-Year Memory Book – When I was in the book section, this was the first thing that caught my eye (mainly because of the gold edged pages!) I have tried so many times to write a journal but have always just forgotten about it on day 2. But because you only have to write a short sentence everyday and its already laid out for you, I think this time using this book I may be able to keep it up for longer (fingers crossed!) Also I love the fact that each day has five spaces so you can write in it over 5 years and then look back and see what has changed. This was £11.99.

‘Calm’ By Michael Acton Smith- When I first picked up this book I didn’t really know what to expect. I would definitely say I am quite into star signs and all of that, but I never realised I would take this much loving towards a book that lets just say finds your inner hippie. There are several chapters in this book- sleep, travel, nature, food, creativity, children, work and relationships. It is packed with tips, tricks, things to do, pages to fill in, interesting facts and much more! I definitely recommend this book. This was £9.99.

Copper Moscow mule Mug- I absolutely adore UO homeware but I do think it can be over priced at times. However saying that I think I spent £10-£14 on a mug! I know this seems quite a lot for a mug and I was considering not getting it. But I just couldn’t resist and picked it up last second at the till. I couldn’t not buy it- its copper! I use this mug to hold my makeup brushes as I bought it for more decoration purposes that for actual usage and really like the way it looks.

Urban Outfitters W.I.P nail polish in ‘Lavender Dream’- I decided to pick up this nail polish as I thought the colour would be great for spring. It is a gorgeous pastel lavender (as the name suggests) and is very opaque when applied to the nails. You can easily get away with one coat but I did two as I wanted it to last longer. These nail polishes are £6.00 each or two for £10.00.

Balmi lip balm in ‘cherry ‘– I bought this as I am obsessed with balmis! There are basically square EOS but I find them much more moisturising than EOS. They are also much easier to apply with the actual lip balm being in a pyramid shape. At UO they are £5-£6 but can be found much cheaper elsewhere.

Evie Alice x

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