Hey guys! I hope you are all well. So I really wanted to include something related or to do with books on this blog, as I absolutely love them (not as much as my friend Jenni though, she is such a bookworm)! So I decided to make a series of posts called “This months favourite Author” which I will upload every month. So with that said, enjoy!



When it came to picking “the author of the month”, it was a no brainer. Mainly because I had only read Rainbow Rowell books the whole time. But that just proves how much I love her books! Rainbow Rowell’s books are so relatable with topics such as school, college, work, relationships and much more. I would say her books are suitable for teens/young adults mainly but can see people past that reading them as well. Rainbow Rowell writes in such a intriguing yet different way and makes you feel as if you know the characters personally. She also captivates you and creates such vivid images in your head. She had to be this months author as once I picked up one of her books, I couldn’t put it down. The five books shown in this post are:



-Carry on


-Eleanor and Park

Evie Alice x

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